I Love My Life

First off, I want to apologize for the vanishing act I pulled this week. I was not ignoring you lovelies; I got really sick with the flu, and I’m only now well enough to write this blog post.

Now I know that I normally share boundless challenge entries on Fridays, but I was barely on WordPress at all this week, so I have no #boundlessmoments to share. (That and I’ve felt anything but boundless myself these past few days.)

At any rate, I’ve decided to take a step back and remember all of the good things in my life because finals are next week and positivity is key, so here are 5 reasons my I love my life in no particular order.

I #amwriting

It’s not best-selling novel material, but I have the bare bones of a chapter that would probably take place somewhere in the middle of my book. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my writing process isn’t going to be anywhere near linear or organized (like my life right now) and I’m ecstatic to see where things go. A couple days ago, I was sketching out one of my main character’s motivations, and it was deep enough that I could write an entire book out of that if I wanted to. Of course, I’ve set my aim higher than traveling through time to find past selves. #notsosmallhint

My grades are improving

Disclaimer: MY GRADES DO NOT DICTATE MY SELF WORTH AND/OR OVERALL HAPPINESS. Buttttt a girl can be proud of herself every now and then. It was my New Year’s resolution to get better grades, after all, and I’m succeeding.

I got a B on my last Math test, I revised an essay for my English class and got a B+, and I gave a killer presentation about Nicola Lopez yesterday — she’s an artist who lives in New York and makes prints and installations.

“Stuck” by Monsta X

Listening to music is one of my favorite self-care methods. It. Gives. Me. Life. Right now, this song is fueling my world and I think you lovelies will like it too. If you’re obsessed with KPOP and EDM like me. Otherwise not so much. 😉

I’m officially part of the HopeXchange family

Clearly, this image is not mine. It’s the official logo on HopeXchange’s website.

Remember how a couple weeks back I was waiting to hear back about blogging for this awesome mental health non-profit? Well, my role is official now and I should be starting on an assignment for them soon. (Just not at this second what with finals.)

I know a lot of nice people

This lovely lady on Twitter, @heybluewrites, answered one of my burning questions about world-building and inspired me in a whole new way. This awesome company on Twitter, @YouNeedADiary, decided they’re going to grace me with one of their bullet journals FOR FREE just because they’re nice like that (should be arriving next week and you’ll definitely see a post about that.) Also, I’ve recently got back into smiling at other students, and a lot of them smile back!  It almost motivates me to strike up a conversation with them…and eventually make friends…we will see how that goes.

I love my life

~Live boundless.


17 thoughts on “I Love My Life

  1. Hey! Weird coincidence, I have the flu, too, I think. Haha. Good times. 😋
    Anyways, I praise Jesus that things are going well. I have an old friend who liked KPop and EDM.
    Anything I can be praying for you? 😊
    Have a blessed day!


  2. Thank you for sharing your journey through life. I love that you are owning where you are and determined to grow your dreams. It is an inspiration to read your posts. Be well.


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