Yesterday I Had a Panic Attack…

Fair Warning: I describe my panic attack in detail. Please don’t read if this may bring you distress.


To put it simply, I felt like I was dying and losing all control. My heart seemed to have acquired a mind of its own and was beating so quickly that my chest started hurting and my entire body felt like it was vibrating. At the same time, I couldn’t even breathe properly — all I could do was inhale — which scared me even more and I started to hyperventilate.

Usually I would be ashamed to cry and scream in front of my dad, but I had no qualms in that moment. I thought my entire body had turned against me and I was convinced it would kill me right there and then on the leather futon in my living room. My dad didn’t know exactly what was happening, but he helped me nonetheless.

“Take deep breaths! In…..hold it…..out. In…..hold it…..out. In…..hold it…..out,” he instructed. A few deep breaths later, I was able to calm down. (Side Note: The timing for deep breathing is 6-7 seconds in, hold for 3-4 seconds, and exhale for 6-7 seconds.)

“I don’t think you’re relaxed, Jasminder. You’re putting stress on your body. Sit on the sofa and recline and drink some water,” my dad declared. I trust him so I did what he told me, but soon enough I began to worry about having another panic attack. What if my body turned against me again? What if I couldn’t stop it next time? These thoughts plagued me well after dark. Then, I remembered something.

Back when I first met my soul sister, I had terrible nightmares almost every night. I was afraid to sleep, so I stayed up late talking to her until I tired out. Technically I had less nightmares since I wasn’t sleeping as long, but it wasn’t healthy. At that point, I was living in a constant state of fear. I kept worrying about what would come next, so I stayed up as long as I could in a vain attempt to extend what I had. I was completely devaluing the possibility of better days and the good in my life that I did have.

Now I believe in positivity. I’ve learned to love what I have and that all things work out one way or the other in time. I’ve already gone 20 hours with no panic attacks. I know I can do more.

~Live boundless.



41 thoughts on “Yesterday I Had a Panic Attack…

  1. That’s horrible! I’ve had something similar where I was unable to breathe; I kept struggling but nothing; I thought I would die at that moment because I kept grasping for air and just crying; luckily I got help after a few minutes. How are you feeling now dear?❤


  2. I’m really sorry this happened to you. I’ve been through some panic attacks in my life and I felt like I was stuck in a black box and I couldn’t breathe, I was shaking. Luckily, most of the times I was with my best friend and she knows exactly what triggers it and she always help me through it! I really hope you are doing okay now and don’t go through it again. It’s a terrible feeling 😦


  3. Oh no!!! My goodness. I pray you are in a better frame of mind, now!!! Fear is such a lie… yet it can be so powerful. When I am overwhelmed, I have to remember who holds me– Christ. Having someone there that you know you can trust, like your dad (and if it’s Christ, knowing that He is in Control, will never leave you nor forsake you, and is for you and Loves you, not against you) really removes all of that fear!
    Praying for comfort and courage from Christ. Thank you for sharing such an event. 😯 🙏


  4. Panic attacks are the worst, I’m sorry you had one. I find that the best thing is just to try to believe it won’t happen again until it does and then deal with it then, knowing what it is. Like yes, this is a panic attack, I feel like I’m dying, but I’ve been through this before, I just have to get through it….

    I don’t know. Different things work for different people, but that’s what works for me.


  5. Panic attacks are horrendous, I really do feel for you. Your last paragraph was so inspiring and encouraging, you should be proud of yourself for seeing things through and still finding positivity. You can handle whatever happens, you can cope if you have another attack, you’re stronger than you think. Be gentle with yourself.xx

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  6. Panic attack survivor here. Went for almost a whole year until my nerves and body calmed down. That was many many years ago. Afterwards I declared I was never going to have another attack. Now if things stress me out and ever since then I talk myself out of it. I reason with myself and remind myself that nothing bad will happen. The attack never comes and I am glad. Other times I put on my favorite music, lay down and drift. As I said these things have helped me through the years and now I know I can survive. Wishing you all the very best.


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