Boundless Challenge #10

This week, I had a panic attack and I came clean about it. It was scary hitting Publish because I’ve never been that open about my mental health on here. Most of the stuff I talk about is usually from the past or general, but that was the morning after and as raw as I get. I want to take a moment and give a shout out to my buddy Liam for encouraging and giving me advice to write the post. I don’t know that I would have shared it all without that accountability burst. Use your community as your accountability buddy, lovelies. The more awkward you are, the better, because nothing is more awkward than telling someone you’ll do something, not doing it, and not being able to answer their questions about how it went for you. *shudders*

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~Live boundless.


11 thoughts on “Boundless Challenge #10

  1. Thank you so much for the mention! I love this entire concept! You’re amazing, and you’re fantastic for being so open and honest – even if it’s about how hard it is to be open and honest! ❤️


  2. I loved your comment about accountability buddies. We teach the people around us to call us forth when we are afraid. Good for you for keeping your word and creating a relationship that supported you in being brave. You are a gift.

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