Status Update

Status Update

A lot is going on in my life right now, so I’m using this post as a transition into the new.

What’s New for the Blog:

I realized that I’ve spent almost 9 months shouting from the rooftops to “live boundless,” but what do I actually mean by that? What is the Boundless Agenda? Ponder no longer, lovelies, because I’m going to start a blogging series about it! (This is that big and scary thing I hinted about yesterday.)

What’s New for My Writing:

You lovelies may or may not have seen me praising #MyWriteDNA on Twitter, but it’s officially the best thing that has happened to my #writerslife. I’m learning so much about myself not only as a writer, but as a person, and I think I may finally be able to take that advice to write the book you want to read. See, I’ve read a lot of books, but I never really took the time to figure out why I loved them. (It turns out that I have a penchant for high fantasy and blurring the lines between good and evil.)

If you lovelies want to get involved in this amazing FREE course, hit up Rachel Giesel’s website! (Disclaimer: She didn’t pay me to write this. I just love her course so much that I had to share it.)

What’s New for My Life:

Do you lovelies remember that New Year’s resolution I made to start exercising? I’m finally accomplishing it! I have a really awesome schedule this quarter that allows me to work out in the mornings without sacrificing eating breakfast and making lunch.

My matchstick arms already look less…well…twiggy?

My meditation journal

Day 5: How would you like to change your physical surroundings?

To be honest, I’m not looking to change my physical surroundings right now. I do want to live in an apartment by myself, but not right now because I’m in university and it just isn’t the right time. I’d rather change my mental surroundings a bit.

~Live boundless.

P.S. How’s that flatlay for a Pinnable graphic? 😉 Betsy, I blame you for infecting me with this joke.


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