Let Go Of Suffering


Don’t you know? All good things come to an end one day. Nothing lasts forever. No matter how many tears you cry, no matter how far you run, there’s no bringing them back.

Don’t you know? Some mistakes can’t be fixed. Your apology means nothing. Even if it tears you apart, even if you beg to go back, you have to live with them.

Don’t you know? Life isn’t always beautiful. Bad things happen to good people and no amount of filters can mask the damage.

Our lives will never be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy with them anyway. We can choose to hold onto suffering or let go of it.

How long will you bear your pain? Until your body goes numb and you throw up your feelings, your memories, your soul?

How long will you bear your pain? Until your identity fades away and nothing but an empty skin remains?

How long will you suffer? 

My meditation journal

NaJoWriMo Day 13: Write about the best piece of news you’ve heard recently

I do not have diabetes. See, I’ve been pretty under the weather recently (still not fully better) and a couple of my symptoms weren’t common cold stuff. Did I mention that diabetes runs in my family?

It was a pretty scary morning for me because it was a valid possibility, and my dad wasn’t exactly helping things with his diet talk. (Yes, my dad actually started talking to me about carbs while I was about to stop breathing because I was so afraid.)

Luckily, my mum and I were wrong. –> It’s really weird to be grateful for being wrong.

NaJoWriMo Day 14: Write a recent or past accomplishment

I started a pride logbook where I write down things that make me feel ashamed followed by an alternative, and more positive, way to look at the situation. (This is that big thing I alluded to on Day 11.) Obviously I haven’t seen any progress yet, but I’m learning a lot from having a tangible collection of my thoughts that I won’t “forget.”

NaJoWriMo Day 15: What challenges are you facing in your life?

  • Working through my pride
    • I’ve got a lot of internal obstacles for this one. I read up a little about why we feel shame — and yes I would have felt ashamed if someone caught me — and this author’s article is the only one that resonated me with so far. She suggested that people feel shame to establish a sense of control. I’d be lying if I said I don’t care about feeling in control. It was the last thing I could dream of when I was recovering from being bullied, but now I pride myself on it. I pride myself on overcoming obstacles and standing up for myself. Without control, I feel weak and insignificant. (Whoo. That got deeper than I expected.)

NaJoWriMo Day 16: Write a personal bucket list

  • Learn all of the choreography to a Korean song. I tend to only know the general moves to most songs, but I want to be able to do an entire dance.
  • Try other flavors of herbal tea. Since I can’t have caffeine anymore, I want to try out as many herbal teas as I can! 😀 If you lovelies have any favorites, please let me know in the comments.
  • Get a grade higher than a B in Statistics. It would be kinda cool if I got a B+ or even an A- but I won’t be disappointed by a B. I just want to do the best I can and see where it goes.
  • Talk about aspec. I’m not sure if it’ll take the form of an essay for English class, a presentation on Women and Gender Studies, or a blog post on here. I just want to have a real conversation about it and maybe enlighten some people.

NaJoWriMo Day 17: How’s it [NaJoWriMo] going so far?

I’ve pretty much accepted that this isn’t going to be a daily thing for me. I tried to write everyday, but then something came along and I ended up combining multiple prompts. Better late than never!

~Live boundless.


10 thoughts on “Let Go Of Suffering

  1. Actually, we suffer coz we chose to. That it is a personal anguish that all people get addicted to. For myself, I accept now that if i dont stop, something will happen eventually. But i need to be responsible and think of my daughter, and yes. LET GO, becuz i need to, for my kids sake, not mine. Thank you for this article and made me accept it with full honors. Thank you.


  2. U get me going girl! Nice post… 😊
    Honestly,I’ve ran out of things to say to you (excuse my limited vocabulary) but u r simply awesome! You don’t punish yourself for not being perfect cause you no that know one can be perfect…. that’s so badass!
    I like the way to talk about ur emotions without any hesitations to the whole world…its hard, you let yourself go…
    I struggle to let myself go because in so scared of judgement…I need to let go of that fear…
    Anyways, sorry for the long comment
    U inspire me everyday…I mean it 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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