Life Update

Everyday I’m hustlin’. πŸ˜‰ No, but seriously, my life has been going every which way for the past week. I just can’t catch a break! I thought this post was going to be elegant and moving, but it turned into a messy stream of consciousness which pretty much shows what my mental state is like right now. I plan to meditate later today, I promise! Without further ado…

I’m talking sifting through the recycling bin for grocery circulars to see if orange juice is on sale with fake flowers in the crook of my arm. According to my mum, I looked like a cat caught red-handed when she found me.

I’m talking good grades on bad tests. I actually understand statistics, who knew?

I’m talking back-and-forth with employment agencies that don’t call back, but love to leave/receive voicemail.

I’m talking DIY Mother’s Day gifts that may or may not involve food jars and a fake flower I accidentally tore the stem off of.

I’m talking slow descents into insanity after hours of writing for my English class. The best part is that I wasn’t even writing an essay!

I’m talking chamomile tea shots while cleaning mirrors because those two quite obviously go together.

I’m talking brake fluid on your hands, on the floor, everywhere, and accidentally swearing while your dad’s on speaker. Fortunately, I’m not in trouble. Unfortunately, my hands still smell weird.

I’m talking buying office-friendly blouses for the first time and realizing that it’s possible to look professional and fashionable at the same time.

I’m talking pita chips and Hunger Games puns. Because apparently croutons aren’t an appropriate snack food.

I’m talking fixating on shame and not understanding why I can’t let things go. Guess who’s looking forward to their appointment at the counseling center this Wednesday?

I’m talking fixating on dark KPOP and caring if other people can hear it because everyone needs to listen to dark KPOP. πŸ˜‰ Okay, I’m kidding, but it’s still an entertaining thought.

I’m talking returning library books I never read and have given up on setting aside time to read. I guess I’m not ashamed about everything.

I’m talking scaring my 1000+ followers on WordPress and inciting the newbies to Unfollow me. Spoiler Alert: A celebration post that may or may not have a giveaway is coming soon!

~Live boundless.


18 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. I have the same type of days and thoughts from time-to-time. I call it ping-pong brain … bouncing from one thought to the next … not staying present. I agree fully that meditating helps a lot and slows me down. Enjoy and I hope it helps and thanks for the post and the blog … no unfollowing coming from here.

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