Why I Left Twitter

You lovelies may have noticed that little birdie icon vanish from here about about a month ago and it wasn't an accident. I initiated Twitter's 30-day account deletion, and can officially say that it's now gone.  Now I know I was gushing about how awesome Twitter is not too long ago, and it probably still … Continue reading Why I Left Twitter

Taking Responsibility

As you lovelies may or may not know, I scheduled an appointment at my university's counseling center so I could learn how to actually cope with failure. (My current method wouldn't even count as coping so much as falling apart at the seams.) Obviously the problem isn't magically fixed, but the psychologist gave me something … Continue reading Taking Responsibility

Meditation Journal Entry #6: What If?

It's Thanksgiving break! I get the whole week to relax! In theory at least. I have this struggle where if I get a sudden vacation, in the midst of a lot of hard work, I have a somewhat difficult time un-wiring from my survival mode at first. Humans are creatures of habit so that only … Continue reading Meditation Journal Entry #6: What If?