Live Without Regrets

Regrets are a really negative thing for me. I don't think there's anything good that can come from picking apart past choices and wishing you didn't make them. Instead of figuring out how to improve for next time, you learn not to trust your judgment.

Why I Live

In response to my recent drop in motivation, I decided to write this post detailing why I do things I do to remind myself of their importance. Why I Write... Without words, I wouldn't be here. Words are what healed me, words are what inspired me, and they're my ultimate muse. When I feel down, I … Continue reading Why I Live

NaJoWriMo April Days 1-4

First of all, I bet some of you lovelies are wondering what NaJoWriMo even is. (I'm sure you're familiar with NaNoWriMo or even NaPoWriMo, but this is neither of those things.) NaJoWriMo is a 30-day journaling challenge, and the idea is to get you to develop a journal-writing habit. I've fallen out of journaling and I really wanted … Continue reading NaJoWriMo April Days 1-4